Model Easy Predator
Engine Vittorazi Easy 100 Simonini Mini 2 +
Engine capacity Single cylinder 98.2 cc Single cylinder 202 cc
Engine power 18 hp at 9500 rpm 28 hp at 7500 rpm
Carburetor Walbro 32 with silencer box Bing 84 with air filter
Reduction Poly-V belt 1:3,8 Poly-V belt 1:2,3
Starter Electrical with battery recharge Electrical with battery recharge
Battery 12 V 12 V
Propeller type 2 blade wooden or carbon 2 blade wooden or carbon
Propeller diameter 126 cm 126 cm
Fuel tank 5 L removable 5 L removable
Fuel type Unleaded gasoline Unleaded gasoline
Trike frame Aluminum alloy 2017, stainless steel Aluminum alloy 2017, stainless steel
Wheels size 300 x 100 300 x 100
Max. pilot weight 80 kg 110 kg
Take off distance 25 m* 25 m*
Propeller static thrust 56 kg 84 kg
Climb rate 3 m/s* 5 m/s*
Fuel consumption 2,5 - 3 L/hour 2,5 - 3 L/hour
Trike's empty weight 34 kg 35 kg
* All performance data are with 13.5 sq. m. competition hang glider, 75 kg pilot and 500 m above sea level start altitude

Single Seat Trikes

Our single seat trikes are especially suited for HG pilots who want to fly their hang gliders with power also. They are equally excellent for experienced trike's pilots and for beginners who want to gain flying experience in a short time.

The simple construction allows fast assembling/disassembling and easy transportation - by van or on car top. The trikes fly excellent with intermediate and competition hang gliders. We have been testing them with various wings.

The trikes take off distance is in the range of 25-45 m. The average landing speed is 25 - 30 km/hr - depending on the type of wing.

It is higly maneuverable and has excellent flying performance. The trikes are manuactured using high quality aircraft certified materials and contemporary technologies.

See the trike video here.
For further information go to the manufacturers site here.